Month: April 2016

RAMBLINGS: Who says romance is dead? Parents everywhere.

Who says romance is dead? Parents everywhere. Facebook tells me that five years ago today me and Mr Husband were lying in the garden by candlelight after our first BBQ of the year. The comment from a friend: “You two are so romantic”. Well what a difference 5 years and 2 children makes. We might struggle to lie down in the garden now without fishing numerous plastic toys out from underneath us which have been swallowed up by the grass we don’t have time to cut. And of course the small thicket of sticks that the little man finds necessary for, it seems, everything. As for candlelight, that is strictly reserved for dinner parties. Although even Mr Husband recently asked why I was bothering with them. The virtues of soft lighting not on his radar apparently. Lucky for me the other husbands both happily piped up with “oh I like a candle” (thanks boys, you know who you are), so I got my way. Until one of them burnt a little too fiercely and we …

Review: Pop Brixton

Nights out as a couple are rather rare these days when you factor in the noisy toddler, the bottle refusing baby and fairly epic levels of general tiredness. But when a friend’s birthday plans were cancelled last minute we found ourselves with a Friday night babysitter and nowhere to go. This could mean one thing only: DATE NIGHT. My priority was alcohol. Lots of it. The husband’s was being able to sit down. If we were to step away from the comfort and convenience of a full wine fridge, a 9pm bedtime and several episodes of the West Wing we needed to be inspired. After much debate and googling of options we decided on a rather reckless approach of heading to Pop Brixton and seeing what happened, with an aim to try Kricket (for the sitting down bit) if we could get a table. These crazy levels of spontaneity meant a smear of red lipstick later and I was running out of the house still wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and a teething necklace. It …

Recipe: Yorkshire puddings

I love a Yorkshire pudding. Roast beef, roast chicken, roast anything really, and a Yorkshire pud is a very welcome addition in my book. My favourite recipe is this one from BBC Good Food: Amazing results every time, and any you don’t eat can be cooled and frozen. Just pop them in the oven for a few minutes from frozen and you’re good to go!