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REVIEW: Salon, Brixton

As the mother of a toddler and a four month old who, so far, isn’t keen on the bottle (she doesn’t get this from me), going out for dinner isn’t that easy. But when it is possible it’s extra glorious. Tuesday night was such an occasion.

I met one of my oldest friends from school at Salon, Brixton. I’d heard good things about this place, mainly from murmurings on social media, and in an effort to feel that I wasn’t completely out of touch with things that don’t involve small people, I went out on a limb and suggested it to my (much trendier) friend. I’m delighted to say that Salon didn’t let me down.

With suitably soft and candlelit lighting all fears of obvious bags under my eyes were gone and I could focus on the stunning set menu and glass of fizz in front of me. There’s no choice with the set menu, but if you’re a foodie (and a very tired person) then being presented with delicious courses as a fait accompli is just the ticket.

The place itself is one of the very well-put-together establishments on Market Row, and the fact that you can book a table (many take no reservations) meant I didn’t have to worry about not maximising my limited drinking time. For a British person I am a terrible queuer, especially where food and drink (and, let’s face it, sitting down) are concerned. Happily we could get straight to it.

The first indication of the loveliness of things to come was in the form of an amuse bouche so bursting with orange, on, I think, chicory and curd cheese (I was still dizzy from actually being out of the house on my own), that the citrus hit was like a wave of sunshine. Then followed perfect Squid, Monk’s Beard and Ramsons, the soft garlickyness more delicious with every forkful.

Amuse bouche

Amuse bouche

Squid, Monk's Beard, Ramsons

Squid, Monk’s Beard, Ramsons

Next was a tumble of Purple Sprouting Broccoli with Hazelnuts and Cured Egg Yolk, which had been shaved over the dish like creamy yellow confetti. The show-stopper was the melt-in-the-mouth Venison, Jerusalem Artichoke and Wild Garlic. I think you could have cut the meat with a feather.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Hazelnuts, Cured Egg Yolk

Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Hazelnuts, Cured Egg Yolk

Rhubarb, Buttermilk Pudding, White Chocolate, Oats

Rhubarb, Buttermilk Pudding, White Chocolate, Oats

Finally to finish, bright Rhubarb, smooth Buttermilk Pudding, White Chocolate and Oats, all washed down by lovely wine and easy chatter. Then pots of tea, homemade chocolates and a sense of contentment at an evening very well spent.

Salon you made me feel like a grown-up again, thank you.

Two set menus, two glasses of fizz, two pots of tea and a few (4, 6?!) glasses of wine, plus service, was £112.50.

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For more information on Salon have a look at their website:

Salon, Brixton

Salon, Brixton

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